YPDOUT 1 Gram Research Chemical Powder

Probably one for the more highbrow researcher. This new powder is chemically similar to Gogaine and Columbiana. Not For Human Consumption.
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YPDOUT 1 gram Research Chemical Powder

Containsethyl 2-phenyl-2-piperidin-2-ylacetate and Caffiene

YPDOUT is the newest powder n the market. Similar to White MM and Gogaine. You wont be disappointed with this newbie!

Not For Human Consumption

This product does not contain (the now illegal) BZP and is mephedrone free

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Customer Reviews


hahaha! WIPEOUT!! - Martin

Lasts a good while and is great fun


Sexy Stuff - RobertTheBruce

really glad to see this new product out. Enjoy with friends


No expense spared - 49cent

This is a brilliant powder. Soluble and user friendly